Airstream is about to go smaller, lighter, cheaper

Airstream is just months away from rolling-out their new fiberglass trailer, and it’s nothing like to Airstream that you’ve grown accustomed to.


This new version of the Airstream measures 16 feet and will weigh around 2,500 pounds. It’s estimated that the price will be around $30k. That would be priced just below the Airstream Basecamp, the young and agile step-son of the tradition Airstream line.

In an email sent out in late June, 2017, Airstream said they plan to launch the Nest in “Early 2018- just after the New Year”.

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Airstream also provided a sneak peak of the Nest in development.

The Nest’s exterior shell is molded in three separate portions: the top, bottom, and rear of the trailer. It will have panoramic windows, staying true to one of the many benefits of Airstream ownership.

In a June email, Airstream said,

“We’re always looking for ideas that make travel and adventure more exciting, more freeing, more comfortable, and more beautiful. And for years, we’ve had our eye on small, fiberglass travel trailers. In fact, our founder Wally Byam built an experimental fiberglass trailer over 60 years ago.”

In 2016, Airstream acquired NEST caravans, an Oregon based, fiberglass trailer company. This purchase positions Airstream to get a springboard into the world of fiberglass trailers and it may just push the veteran company ahead of other established fiberglass trailer producers like, Scamp, Casita, ParkLiner, and Oliver.

Fortunately for small trailer enthusiast, we already have a good idea what the finished Airstream version will look like.

Credit: NEST Caravans/Airstream

After all, the NEST caravans were in production before Airstream purchased them. This leaves pictures of the original models floating around online.

In the older pictures, the kitchen appeared to be basic, while maintaining the necessities. There also appears to be plenty of room for a Queen Sized bed. Airstream is keeping quiet about what modifications they’ll be making to the interior.

Credit: NEST Caravans/Airstream

The aerodynamic design and lightweight of the Nest will make it towable with many mid-size SUVs.

Airstream says they plan to launch the Nest in “Early 2018- just after the New Year”.

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