VIDEO: Cab driver says Hawk took refuge in his car during Hurricane Harvey

“He looks mean, but that’s the way they look.”

A cab driver in Houston says a Hawk sought refuge in his taxi as Hurricane Harvey approached, and he has the amazing video to prove it.

William Bruso says before the storm hit Houston he saw a cat chasing a Hawk and the Hawk hid from the cat in his cab.

“He just sort of doesn’t want to leave. He’s a beautiful bird.” Bruso said during the first video he publish on YouTube.  “He looks mean, but that’s the way they look.”

Video Part 1

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In the video Bruso says he’ll let the hawk hang out until he’s ready to leave. “He might be hunkering down with us at home I guess”

As the first video wraps up Bruso says we’re going to name him Harvey the Hurricane Hawk.

In a second video Bruso clearly tries to get Harvey the Hawk to fly away.  Bruso sets the hawk on the door of the cab.

“He really doesn’t want to leave y’all. He’s scared because of the Hurricane.”

Bruso then tries to pull the Hawk off the cab door using gloves.

“What do you do in a situation like this?”

The hawk clings on to Brusso’s glove as if the two have been working together for years. Bruso says the Hawk does not appear to be injured, just scared.

Video Part 2

As Hurricane Harvey battered the Texas coast, Bruso went on the post nine more updates about Harvey the Hawk as on his YouTube page.  In the final update the Hawk is picked up by a representative with a Texas wildlife center. Bruso said that Harvey will be in much better hands.

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