Alligator hunters set new Mississippi record


The alligator weighed 766.5 pounds.

It’s alligator hunting season in Mississippi and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks says a record length alligator was certified Monday.  Alligator Program Coordinator, Ricky Flynt says the alligator was taken in the Southwest Alligator Hunting Zone by a hunting party near Natchez, MS.

The alligator’s length was 14 feet ¾ inch, which broke the previous record by ½ inch. Credit Mississippi Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

The alligator was certified as the “longest male alligator taken by a permitted hunter in Mississippi.” The alligator’s length was 14 feet ¾ inch, which broke the previous record by ½ inch. The alligator weighed 766.5 pounds. The belly girth was 69 inches, and the tail girth was 43 inches.

Alligator hunting season is very limited in Mississippi. The season is just ten days between August 25 and September 4, 2017

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