Just Add Water: Best pre-made dehydrated meals- Breakfast Edition

Taking pre-made dehydrated food on the trail can be a little bit of a crap shoot. If you’ve never tested a pack before, you could find yourself a long way from home without a tasty or filling meal.

I’ve had my share of dehydrated meals in the backcountry and believe it or not, some our surprisingly good.

While I love preparing my own meals in advance, by using a dehydrator, that can take a lot of time and practice.

Below are some of my favorite selections that you can make by just adding hot water.

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Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy Is an excellent choice for breakfast. The flavor and texture is good and with just a dash of salt and pepper, you’ll think you’re at Cracker Barrel. Pork, biscuit, and gravy balance is on point.

Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Peppers is just ok. The challenge with this pack is that you have to hit the water level just right. If you miss, it’s almost inedible. I also find that freeze-dried eggs just don’t come back to life very well.  If you’re really wanting eggs in a light weight package, you may want to go with Ova Easy Egg Crystals, these taste great, but will require you to dirty up a pan.

Backpacker’s Pantry Organic Apple Cinnamon Oats & Quinoa This meal taste great and it’s healthy, so it makes you feel great about what you just consumed. But if you’re like me and you need a lot of food to make it through the day, this may not be the pack for you. There’s just not enough quantity.

I’d prefer to eat a PROBAR – Meal Bar – Superberry & Greens in the morning and not have to deal with boiling water.

Good To-Go Oatmeal is solid oatmeal. It’s made with whole grain, gluten-free oats and quinoa. They also added chia and hemp seeds,cinnamon,turmeric and cardamom for digestion.

The truth is that you could probably make this on your own for less money, but you’re also paying for the bag, which allows you to cook it with out getting a pan dirty.

Bannock MultiGrain Berries & Cream Granola Is a solid breakfast choice. One of the best things about this pack is the portion. It’s a generous 2.5 servings. The berries and cream are a nice touch. It can also be eaten as dessert