WANT: Tiny camper can expand 3x its size

Credit Beaurer

Tiny teardrop Campers are all the rage of late, but the ease of towing doesn’t always make up for the lack of space. However, a French company appears to be ready to release a telescoping camper that can triple in size in just 20 seconds.

Beauer 3x Exapandable teardrop camper
Beauer 3x in White. Credit Beauer

The BeauEr 3x is 20 feet long when closed, but it can expand to about 130 square feet of living  space. Remarkably, Beauer claims this expansion is completed without any manipulation to the furniture.

The BeauEr 3x will be available in several flashy colors and come equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and bench.

The kitchen includes a refrigerator of 130 liters, a gas hob, sink, shelves, some cupboards and drawers plus space for the oven.

The bedroom has a standard double bed with slatted 140×190.

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The bench in the dining area can be transformed into a second large bed.


You can watch a demonstration video below.

When and where is it available?

Release dates seem to be a moving target. The concept was created 2009 and was originally slated to launch in 2013, but there have clearly been some delays. The YouTube video above was posted by Beauer 5 months ago, but in the description of the video it says “Tour de France sept 2017”.  Beauer has also been more active on their Facebook page as of late.

The new movement lines up with this report from Curbed that says Beauer will start selling in France in 2018. Unfortunately, there’s no release date set for the United States yet.

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How Much?

The trailer will reportedly start for $33,000.

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