Massive simulated Mars settlement will be constructed near Dubai

The multi-domed city will mimic the Mars colony lifestyle. Credit: Government of Dubai

The United Arab Emirates says they’re going to spend about 150 million dollars to build the largest space simulation city ever built. The multi-domed city will mimic the Mars colony lifestyle and will replicate the conditions on the surface of the red planet.

Once complete a team will live in the Mars-like city for one year with the goal of future innovation around sustaining life in a hostile planetary environment. Project leaders say they will conduct a range of experiments​ involving self-sufficiency.

The project, which was unveiled Tuesday, will include advanced laboratories that emulate​ the harsh Martian conditions. The labs will be used to experiment​ with the​ production of food, energy, and water. They’ll also be experimenting with heat and radiation insulation using advanced 3D printing.



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“The new project is another step in the UAE’s leading contributions to the global science movement; we seek to set an example and motivation for others to participate ​and contribute, to humanity’s march into space,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is the Prime Minister of Dubai.

In a press release, ​the Dubai Government said they seek to attract the best scientific minds from around the world in a collaborative contribution in the UAE to human development and the improvement of life.

The 1.9 million square foot city will also boast a museum that displays humanity’s greatest space achievements, including educational areas meant to inspire children. The walls of the museum will be 3D printed, using sand from the Emirati desert.

A team of Emirati scientists, engineers, ​and designers, led by a team from the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre and Dubai Municipality, will carry out the project but no completion​ date has been set.

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