Adventure cat loves canoeing, hiking, and camping

My favourite place on the canoe 🛶😸💦 says Suki's Instagram Page. Credit: Instagram @Sukiicat

A domestic Bengal cat named Suki is appealing to outdoor and cat lovers alike with breathtaking pictures of Suki exploring the Canadian outback.

Credit: Instagram @sukiicat

Marti Gutfreund, known as “Enchanted.Forest” on Instagram is a landscape photographer and has a major Instagram following of her own. Back in May,  Gurfreund started photographing Suki in the outdoors and the Internet has responded with admiration. After just a few short months Suki now boasts her own Instagram following with over 300k fans.

Suki is leash trained

Little wanderer 🌲🐾

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But also travels in this adorable backpack

“Today I graduated from catstronaut school, and I already have a lot of otherworldly missions planned! 👽😽🚀🌿,”  it reads on Suki’s Instagram page.


“Whenever I go out to shoot landscapes, I just take the photos with Suki in them as well, Gutfreund told Lonely Planet News. “Ken and I do a lot of hiking and camping together, and after our last kitty passed away, we decided to get a new one. This time around we really wanted to have a pet that we didn’t always have to leave behind when we went on our trips. I had read up quite a bit on Bengal cats, and how they’re very high in energy. We knew it could be a handful, but we had to be sure that our new kitty could keep up with our adventures!”

One Shirt = One Tree
Plant a Seed

Suki even loves water!

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Gutfreund says she thinks people enjoy seeing a kitty break stereotypes that are typically linked with cats.

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