BARGAIN: My favorite backpacking lantern currently 52% off at REI

The Black Diamond Apollo has a brilliant design to prevent you from inadvertantly turning it on.

I’ve been using two Black Diamond Apollo Lanterns for about three years.  They’re lightweight (7.8 ounces). They throw 80 lumens of light – which is equivalent to a powerful household lightbulb and right now the Apollo is on sale at REI for more than half off.

When I first started camping, I thought it was necessary to bring a gas lantern along.  My dad always had a Coleman lantern, so I figured I needed one too.

Is gas a thing of the past?

The old white gas lanterns are solid. They burn late into the night and are incredibly bright. But they’re also heavy, dangerous and you have to lug around a can of fuel.

Black Diamond Apollo
The Black Diamond Apollo can make a tent glow or light-up a campsite


LED keeps getting better

LED has changed the late-night lighting game, and the Black Diamond Apollo leads the way. When not in use, it collapses, and its case covers the on/off button. The design prevents the Apollo from turning on in storage and inadvertently draining the batteries.

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It’s also dimmable by holding down the power button. On low power, batteries will last about 60 hours.  On high power, you’ll get about 15 hours.

If you need a lantern and you can find this guy in the $20 range, move on it.

If you’re reading this and you missed the REI sale, here’s a link on Amazon to price compare.
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