Who are we?

Nick Ortego and Leslie Ortego know what it’s like to be at the mercy of technology. Both have committed to demanding careers that require their attention 24/7.

Consequently, the Ortego’s use the great outdoors to get off-the-grid and recharge mentally and spiritually. This recharge allows them to avoid the negative energy that can come from the demands of a modern life.

Join the Ortego’s on their journey by bookmarking or subscribing to Enjoy The Silence. 

What you’ll find

“Enjoy the Silence” filters through the noise and brings you news and  information about National Parks, hiking, camping, wildlife, kayaking and outdoor gear.

This information can be used to inspire and prepare you for your next big trip off-the-grid.

Sometimes you have to Disconnect from technology to Reconnect with your family and yourself.


Nick Ortego has a decade and a half of experience in a fast paced newsroom. He’s worked as a journalist, weather forecaster and news director.

Nick’s love for fighting apathy meshes perfectly on Enjoy The Silence with his passion for all things outdoors.